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Laundry Room Updates

The laundry room is probably the last room in your home you would think of renovating, but small changes can make a big impact. As with any renovation, you want to not only increase the value of your space, but the function and efficiency of it, too. Many laundry rooms also double as something else, such as a pantry, mudroom, or en suite. If you’re going the double duty route with your laundry room, your updates should account for how the space will be used. Even how you do your laundry will dictate what features you include. If you have a lot of hand washables, then a nice, deep work sink and drying rack will be vital. Add a set of accordion doors to close off your machines and differentiate your space.

Garage Updates

Transform your garage with flooring, storage, and lighting to create a usable, organized space just for you. 
Floor Coating – Transform your unfinished, dusty garage floor, into a clean and durable surface. We specialize in the preparation of concrete surfaces and the application of the best garage floor coating on the market.
Garage Storage – Are you looking to transform the perpetually cluttered state of your garage? With modular storage or custom-fit cabinet systems, SoCoSun Remodeling can help you succeed in getting your garage organized and much more functional.