Tension Zip by SummerSpace

Pergola and Skylight shade system

 THE SUMMERSPACE FLEXSHADE TENSION ZIP SOLAR SCREEN is designed to be mounted horizontally or at an angle over pergola structures and skylights to provide a retractable shading solution.  The motorized system extends and retracts smoothly and quietly when you want to adjust your shade. It is highly wind tolerant due to its side channel fabric retention system. It is available up to 16′ wide x 20′ long. They can be nested together to cover large expanses and can be controlled individually or as a group. The systems have an automatic rain sensor option to help prevent possible damage if accidentally left open during rain. It is available in a variety of colors and screen densities. It includes home automation integration, including WIFI app controls.

Tension Zip Screen
Pergola Shade Patio
Pergola Shade Screen